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nanami paper seven seas standard


IMG_8082I was using a Rhodia “Webnotebook” , but as I began to near the end, I decided to look for a different journal. I liked the webnotebook, but I wanted something that was larger (A5-ish is my favorite size) and that had a lot of paper. I’ve had plenty of experience with Tomoe River paper, so I was hoping to find something that had an abundance of it inside. Tomoe River paper notebooks aren’t new at all (Jay at Paper for Fountain Pens makes hardcover styles, and I love his correspondence-sized pads) but I never really found something that fitted what I wanted until I found the Nanami Paper Seven Seas Standard.

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review: tomoe river paper pads

318IMG_3530 I ordered Tomoe River paper the other day, and it’s definitely one of the greater paper purchases I have ever made.

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