updates with the nanami paper seven seas line


Because Nanami Paper doesn’t have much of an online presence other than their webshop, I thought I would try to compile a little bit of information that I have found in the hopes that other Seven Seas fans can find it useful.

The Crossfield

As many of you know, Nanami Paper surprised quite a few of us in the community when they replaced their Seven Seas Crossfield—a notebook with light blue crosses arranged in a grid—with its current version. This version has received what seems to be a tepid reaction at best; it’s a notebook that has what one would think of as the normal kind of grid, like graph paper, except that Dave has also added four blank boxes. In terms of appearance, I would say it seems quite similar to the Hobonichi Techo’s format.

I’ve heard several people in the community say that they greatly preferred the cross grid, or that they find the boxes useless, or that they don’t appreciate the implementation of the margins. I’ve always used the Standards myself, so I can’t speak to a preference for the Crossfield over its current form (the Grid, I suppose I should call it). However, I did find the Crossfield far more engaging. That is, if the Standards were no longer made, I would certainly switch to the Crossfield.

There’s more news out of that corner of the market, and it could be quite surprising. I suppose a direct quote from Dave, the proprietor of Nanami Paper, would put it best:

Hi, thanks for your feedback. However, most likely, we are not bringing back the Crossfield. This will most likely be the last run.

The wording is a tad vague, but I assume he means one of two things:

  • The Crossfield will no longer be produced, and replaced with the Grid
  • The Crossfield as a whole will no longer be produced, period

Personally, I find the first to be the one closer to the truth. I don’t think that a gridded Tomoe River paper notebook will ever go out of style.

I hope that Dave will reconsider the Grid, or at the least some of the design choices made.

Seven Seas Line

I had suspected this would happen: when the Standards were out of stock, the blurb on the Crossfield page mentioned that all of the Seven Seas line would switch to white paper (like Dave mentions, it’s more off-white than white). And, as of today, cream paper is no longer included in any notebook.

I can’t say that I’m pleased with this choice. I’m a big fan of the cream Tomoe River paper; it has a great look, a bit vintage, and I don’t find it changes my perception of fountain pen inks. I suppose it makes sense because now all the books across the line have the same kind of paper.

I wish Dave would consider making some sort of social media presence, like a blog. I understand that he has the right to make whatever changes he wants to his line of products, but I would like to know in advance. At the very least I would be able to stock up on products that I enjoy.


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