organics studio aristotle

318 90Yet another Goulet Inkapalooza pick-up! I was pretty attracted to the color, so I thought: why not?

Unfortunately, as you may read from my sample above, I was not a fan of its performance. I really wanted to chalk it up to the pen, but it hasn’t had problems for me in the past. Aristotle seems to be a surprisingly thin ink that doesn’t flow particularly well. I’m actually a fan of the color–a dusty sort of blue-green that’s kind of like a watered-down Diamine Teal–so it was really disappointing when it didn’t work out. It did a great job for the first day or so, which makes me think that there’s a high possibility that it’s a problem on my end and not with the ink itself. I’ve had a great experience with another Organics Studio ink so I have no reason to believe that Aristotle would perform poorly. I’m really hoping it was a bum sample, or perhaps my pen was just misbehaving. Perhaps your experience with Organics Studio Aristotle will be better than mine!

There’s only very slight shading with this ink. Here are two samples done with a Nikko spoon nib and a Nikko G nib on Tomoe River paper. A spoon nib lays ink down more consistently and with a thinner line, while the G nib has more flex and lays down more ink.89There’s absolutely no bleeding on Tomoe River paper, and I’ve had no trouble on Rhodia paper. It does feather on your run of the mill printer paper, unfortunately.91

You can find 55 ml bottles at Goulet Pens for $12.00.

Please note that the colors present in this review may not be perfectly true to life: there will be color differences between monitors. Scans I post online are as close as I can possibly get them to the ink that I have. Please keep this in mind, as different factors (such as whether or not the bottle was shaken, the pen used, the paper used, the lighting in the room, etc.) could affect the color!

I’m not at all affiliated with Goulet Pens: just a happy customer!


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