review: j. herbin vert réséda

318jhvrI bought an entire bottle of Vert Réséda to put into my Kaweco Sport Skyline in mint, and there is no way I regret it. At all.

This ink is really hard to capture on scans. It’s a light blue-green that leans more towards blue than green. With my samples right in front of me, it’s greener and darker than the sample above and lighter and bluer than the sample below. Luckily both the Goulet Pen Company and JetPens provide ink swabs which are very accurate, so you can be sure to check that out. This ink is honestly so nice on cream Tomoe River paper with a good, broad nib. I really love to use it! It’s bright and cheerful, which makes it very easy to use, but it’s not too bright that it’s impossible to read. However, this is definitely not the kind of ink you want to whip out whenever! I tend to only use this with my penpals or for highlighting things. I check to make sure my penpals are okay with reading something so light (it would be pretty bad if someone couldn’t read what I was writing!). It’s still quite a pretty color, it just deserves a special occasion.

Vert Réséda doesn’t actually shade that much, but it does shade a bit. Here are two samples done with a Nikko spoon nib and a Nikko G nib on Tomoe River paper. A spoon nib lays ink down more consistently and with a thinner line, while the G nib has more flex and lays down more ink.jbvrfYou’ll note that there is a little bit of bleedthrough on this paper, but using normal fountain pens on decent paper you will definitely have no problems. I think J. Herbin inks tend to be more “watery”, if that makes sense for an ink, so they could be a little more susceptible to bleed, but because Vert Réséda is so light, it almost definitely won’t happen.jhvrb

At JetPens, you can purchase a 30 ml bottle for $12.00 and a 10 ml bottle for $4.75 (JetPens hiked the prices of their inks back in September, unfortunately). At the Goulet Pen Company, you can buy the 30 ml bottle for $10.00.

Please note that the colors present in this review may not be perfectly true to life: there will be color differences between monitors. Scans I post online are as close as I can possibly get them to the ink that I have. Please keep this in mind, as different factors (such as whether or not the bottle was shaken, the pen used, the paper used, the lighting in the room, etc.) could affect the color!

I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by JetPens or Goulet Pens: I’m just a happy customer!


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