review: sailor clear candy

318IMG_2904The Sailor Clear Candy is an inexpensive, Japanese fountain pen. It’s very simple, but it’s a surprisingly good! I threw the Sailor Clear Candy into my shopping cart on a JetPens order with a Pilot Metropolitan. It’s very simple, aesthetically: you’ve got a clear plastic pen with white and black accents. That’s about all there is to it. The nib is stamped very simply with “Sailor” text and the usual size marking of a nib. I don’t think it’s going to win any awards for fanciness, but it’s definitely got a utilitarian feel to it that I think some people would enjoy. It’s an all-plastic pen but it has a very solid construction. When you have it in your grip, it feels steady. The grip section may seem a little small or short, but the threads of the pen are very fine and small, so they shouldn’t get in your way. There isn’t any step from the pen body to the grip: it’s all just one long, straight line, and it definitely shouldn’t dig into your hand. The pen measures at 5 1/4 inches (13.5 cm) capped, and 4 3/4 inches (12 cm) uncapped. It’s not the biggest pen but it’s definitely not the smallest either. It’s also only a few grams, even with a full cartridge, so it’s easy to carry around.

The pen is a cartridge/converter and comes with one Sailor converter in the barrel of the pen. I’m fairly certain that cartridges and converters for Sailor pens are proprietary. The price for the converter is half the cost of the pen itself, though–personally, I refill the cartridges with a syringe if I run out of ink, which I feel is a lot more cost effective. However, you may also be able to convert the pen into an eyedropper-fill. The back of the pen has no holes (although it does have spaces where ink can get stuck, so I would consider this) and the threads are very close together. With just a bit of silicone grease I’m very confident this will become an excellent eyedropper pen.IMG_2905The nib of this pen, like most Japanese nibs, is much finer than what you may find in its European counterpart. For instance, the nib on this pen is labeled F for fine, but it writes much closer to a European extra-fine. If you’re someone who writes very small, or who likes very thin lines, I would highly suggest this pen. As it is, I’ve started shying away from ultra-thin nibs in favor of broader nibs that show shading in my inks. However, this isn’t to say that this is a bad nib–not at all. In fact, the pen writes surprisingly smoothly, especially for a nib so small. You do get a little bit of feedback, but I like it: it feels like you have more control when you put pen to paper, and that your nib isn’t going to slide crazily out of your grip. The flow is quite good, especially with a cartridge, which I’ve found that you may need to coax with shaking in the case that you’re running low on ink.

Here’s a writing sample, if you enjoy these:Scann10004

I really think of this as a pen you can take anywhere. It’s got solid construction and it’s not a bad price at all at $16.50. They don’t feel like they’ll break suddenly in your hand, but they’re not of such high quality that you’ll feel lost without it. You can grab a couple and toss them around the house or in your office, and I don’t think you’d feel all that bad if you lost one.

I purchased mine in black, but there are a bunch of different colors that you can browse here.

I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by JetPens: they’re just excellent distributors, and I’ve been a happy customer!



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2 responses to “review: sailor clear candy

  1. mdevine

    I have a logo clear candy that I love- it has the sailor and anchor in the cap.. Just a quick note- I think you meant “inexpensive” in the first sentence.

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