review: de atramentis pigeon blue

318Scan10007Goulet Inkapalooza was good to me. They didn’t have this ink available in bottles when I got this sample which was a huge bummer, but no worries: I got some!

I think I remember a story where De Atramentis inks are made by hand in Europe (possibly Great Britain?), just like Noodler’s inks here in the United States. There are sometimes shortages, and I think Pigeon Blue is one of the more popular inks, so you’ll find that this ink is out of stock a lot. For a good reason, too. Honestly, I love this color. It’s like a dusty blue, blue-green, turquoise all mixed into one ink. The shading you can get with this ink is really something special. I first saw this ink used by Ana over at the Well-Appointed Desk (her reviews are beautiful, by the way, go check them out if you haven’t already). You’ll notice her ink is a lighter blue than mine: I feel like this ink might darken a little over time, or maybe my TWSBI 540 just put down a lot of ink on the page, but I can barely remember what I had for breakfast let alone what this ink looked like a month ago. Either way, I hope we can both agree that this is really a pretty ink.

Here are two samples done with a Nikko spoon nib and a Nikko G nib on Tomoe River paper. You can definitely see how the ink shades in these samples. A spoon nib lays ink down more consistently and with a thinner line, while the G nib has more flex and lays down more ink.Scan10011c There was a little bit of bleedthrough with my dip pens, but with regular fountain pens I had absolutely no trouble with this ink. The only time I ever saw this ink bleed on Rhodia paper was with extremely heavy application (I pressed the nib for a long time in one spot and didn’t even notice I was doing it while I read something online–that’s what you get when you’re running on 4 hours of sleep), and it definitely never bleeds on Tomoe River unless you’re really dumping it on. You really shouldn’t worry about this ink misbehaving on better quality papers.Scan1001d1

You can buy a 35 ml bottle of this ink at Goulet Pens for $12.95.

Please note that the colors present in this review may not be perfectly true to life: there will be color differences between monitors. Scans I post online are as close as I can possibly get them to the ink that I have. Please keep this in mind, as different factors (such as whether or not the bottle was shaken, the pen used, the paper used, the lighting in the room, etc.) could affect the color!

I’m not at all affiliated with Goulet Pens: just a happy customer!


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