aug 14 2014

324Ian Hedley of Pens! Paper! Pencils! has created an awesome website called Pennaquod, where you can browse reviews made by other bloggers who review literally hundreds of products and receive little to no compensation in return. This review life is hard, folks. Ian very generously approached me and asked if I would be willing contribute my humble blog. I snatched up the opportunity like if you dangled a brand new pair of Tacks in my face. The entire search is powered by Google, as most things inevitably are, so if your digital life is already tangled with Google, you might as well tangle it a little bit more.

Unfortunately, it appears like my blog is acting like a petulant teenager and refuses to be indexed by Google. Until this issue is fixed (imagine this next part in a ghostly voice: maybe never!!!), you can find a link to my little corner of the blogosphere in the Ws. Check out all the other blogs too: they’re often much better reviewers than I am!

Thank you very much to Ian for creating this resource!


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