review: diamine imperial purple

318Scan10001I don’t use purple inks all that often. It’s not really a color that appeals to me (I like greens and blues a lot more). However, Diamine Imperial Purple is definitely not a bad purple, and it’s still a great ink to have in your collection!

I think this ink is really good for all situations: it’s muted, but it’s still something that’s different.  I probably wouldn’t use this on super official documentation, but I think it’s still good enough for a more formal situation while also being great for something like a quick letter to your penpal. I use this ink in a Japanese fine nib pen, but I think it would be a little better suited in a broader nib. I just feel like it would flow nicer. This isn’t to say that I don’t like it in my fine nib Sailor Clear Candy though!

There’s a little bit of shading on this ink–not that much, but definitely enough to stand out. Here are two samples done with a Nikko spoon nib and a Nikko G nib on Tomoe River paper. A spoon nib lays ink down more consistently and with a thinner line, while the G nib has more flex and lays down more ink.Scan10029Bleedthrough is non-existent on both Tomoe River and Rhodia paper, even with my dip pens, which lay down a lot of ink. I think Diamine inks are quite saturated, so it’s more likely that you’ll get bleedthrough, but even so it does quite a good job. Scan10029b

You can buy this ink from JetPens for $12.50 a bottle, or from Goulet Pens for $12.95 a bottle.

Please note that the colors present in this review may not be perfectly true to life: there will be color differences between monitors. Scans I post online are as close as I can possibly get them to the ink that I have. Please keep this in mind, as different factors (such as whether or not the bottle was shaken, the pen used, the paper used, the lighting in the room, etc.) could affect the color!

I’m not at all affiliated with JetPens or Goulet Pens: just a happy customer!


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