aug 02 2014

324Hi, everyone! Nice to see a few people have been checking out this blog, even if it’s been mostly dead… great news, though! I finally kicked myself in the ass and I spun into high gear. I’ve got weekly updates all the way into early October scheduled. This blog should run smoothly by itself for the next few months (knock on wood). I’m moving into my college dorm in late September and I start my freshman year in early October, which is super thrilling to me, but also means I’ll pretty much have very little time and space for fountain pen-related goods, and even less time for reviews.

I’m cutting down on as much of the stuff I have right now as I can (evaporated fountain pen inks you don’t like work surprisingly well with dip pens if you’re too cheap to mix up gouache!) so that I’ll be taking with me only the essentials. As of right now the inks I plan to take with me are:

  • Diamine Teal (Pilot Metropolitan, medium nib, cartridge/converter)
  • De Atramentis Pigeon Blue* (TWSBI 540, broad nib, piston)
  • Diamine Marine* (Pilot Varsity, medium nib, eyedropper)
  • Noodler’s Air-Corp Blue Black* (Kaweco Sport Skyline, medium nib, eyedropper)
  • Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrün (Parker 51, medium nib, aerometric)
  • Sailor Jentle Yama-dori* (Pilot 78g, broad italic nib, cartridge/converter)

Asterisks mark the ink bottles I need to buy. Pretty much only three color groups. I’m a bit of a boring person. Two blue-blacks, one turquoise, one teal, and an olive green. Will I survive through a year with only five inks? Probably not, but I only have six pens that I can fill relatively easily, so I pretty much have no choice. With any luck, I’ll be able to pop in every once in a while over the coming months (I’d really love to post more mail round-ups), and I’ll definitely do my best to do different reviews of things. I’ve got tons of stuff I could touch on!

As always, finding me on Instagram will be a lot easier than finding me out here. Thanks for visiting!


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