review: j. herbin vert pré

318Scan10005J. Herbin Vert Pré, also known as Meadow Green, is a fun ink to match up with the freshness of spring and summer, or a bright splash in the fall and winter.

I bought this ink so long ago that I can’t honestly remember when I bought it. I don’t use it that often–light green inks are not something that I use, generally–but I still love it. It’s fun to use. Plus it’s excellent as a highlighter ink for documents: load it up in a italic nib and it’s bright enough that it pops off the page, yet not too bright that it’s utterly distracting.

Like most J. Herbin inks, this one is surprisingly well-behaved. I put it in my Lamy Joy with a 1.5mm nib, and I love how it just flows across the page. Of course, it could have to do with my Lamy Joy which sometimes just seems to pour ink onto the page, but it’s also very easy to use with pens that have smaller nibs.

I love how you can get tons of shading from this ink. Here are two samples done with a Nikko spoon nib and a Nikko G nib on Tomoe River paper. A spoon nib lays ink down more consistently and with a thinner line, while the G nib has more flex and lays down more ink.Scan10025Bleedthrough is non-existent on Tomoe River and Rhodia paper with regular pens, but you’ll notice that with my dip pens (which lay down a lot of ink) there is a little bit of bleedthrough on Tomoe River (which I’m sure is nearly unheard of.) However this is definitely not the sign of a bad, misbehaving ink: dip pens are notorious for making papers bleed through, and the fact that it made Tomoe River bleed so little is a great sign! I think J. Herbin inks are a little bit wetter (if that makes sense at all when I’m talking about inks), and have more flow than other inks, which could be a reason as to why this ink bleeds when it’s really poured on like with a dip pen nib. Feathering is practically non-existent with this ink, and even on cheaper papers like printer paper. I found that you’ll definitely see a little, but not much. On higher quality papers like Tomoe River and Rhodia, don’t even worry about feathering. It’s probably not going to happen.Scan10025b

I bought this ink from JetPens where you can buy a 30ml bottle for $9.00 or a 10ml bottle for $4.75. They also sell the 30ml bottles of this ink at Goulet Pens for $10.00 a pop.

Please note that the colors present in this review may not be perfectly true to life: there will be color differences between monitors. Scans I post online are as close as I can possibly get them to the ink that I have. Please keep this in mind, as different factors (such as whether or not the bottle was shaken, the pen used, the paper used, the lighting in the room, etc.) could affect the color!

I’m not at all affiliated with JetPens or Goulet Pens: just a happy customer!


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