review: platinum riviere


Ah, the Platinum Riviere. I’ll let you know right now that this pen is $1.50. I feel like that’s a good place to start this review.

The Platinum Riviere is from Daiso. If you’re unfamiliar with the name, Daiso is a chain of 100-yen stores–or, in the U.S., $1.50 stores–that sells goods like stationery, organizational supplies, houseware, etc. Everything they sell is $1.50–unless marked otherwise–and it’s a pretty good place to visit if you’re looking for cheap things of decent quality. (Just as an aside, if you live in the Bay Area, the Great Mall in Milpitas has a Daiso.) The pen is made of lightweight beige plastic and comes in two accent colors: black and blue. The nib is steel and marked with an M for medium, but because this is a Japanese pen, know that the nib is more like a Western fine. I had trouble with the nib right off the bat: it wrote terribly dry. I left it alone for a while and I pulled it out a few weeks ago and–just on a whim–looked at the nib with a light behind it. I found that the nib’s tines were extremely close together: way too close together for it to write well at all. I very, very gently pressed the tines against a piece of paper until they spread slightly, testing every time I pressed down. And now it’s a pretty good writer, surprisingly smooth. It has a little bit of trouble starting, but I’m not troubled by this at all. The feed is still a bit dry, so perhaps a particularly fluid ink may be tamed by this pen.

The pen comes with what I believe is a proprietary cartridge, depending on the accent color of the pen: black or blue. I chose the black one but never used the ink: rather, I used a syringe to pull it out and replaced it with Diamine Crimson. Right now, my Platinum Riviere is filled with Diamine Red Dragon, an ink I don’t really use that often.

IMG_2911The cap snaps on heartily. I love the sound it makes. The body is pretty lightweight, even filled with ink, but I don’t find it lopsided in terms of weight distribution at all. The pen is 5 inches (about 12.5 cm) uncapped. Unfortunately I’ve had some strange problems where the ink leaks out and the grip has spots on it. I’m not sure why this happens. Have a napkin or a tissue on hand when you uncap this pen just in case. Perhaps this may be different for you: for $1.50 I’m not looking for powerful quality control.

They’re $1.50 each. They’re pretty good writers. If you’re someone who is trying some nib grinding, why not pick up a handful of them? Grind those nibs to your heart’s desire!

Here’s a writing review on Rhodia DotGrid paper:Scan10006

You can find a 10-pack of Platinum Riviere pens here.

I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Daiso: just a happy customer!


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