review: tomoe river paper pads

318IMG_3530 I ordered Tomoe River paper the other day, and it’s definitely one of the greater paper purchases I have ever made.

IMG_3527Here are the facts: this stuff is great. Like, awesome. You’d think that paper this thin couldn’t possibly be this good, but it honestly exceeds every last expectation I had. It’s awesome. It’s thin and beautifully receptive to fountain pen ink, not to mention beautiful in itself: it’s a delicate color, not quite cream but not white, either. Inks of any color work beautifully on this paper.

I’ve already written a couple letters on this paper. It really makes you want to write more.

IMG_3532I ordered three pads, but when my order took a little longer than stated on the website–there’s about a week’s delay, but my order took an extra day or two–Jay was so kind as to provide a fourth pad of white Tomoe River. Was it necessary? Definitely not. Do I appreciate it? You bet I do. It’s the extra step that you don’t see too often nowadays, and Jay took it with ease.

Would you like some of this paper? Of course you would! You can pick up three pads of cream Tomoe River Paper here. Be sure to browse the rest of Jay’s website: he has journals too!

I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Paper For Fountain Pens: just a happy customer!


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