photography #1

32520640012It’s been a long time since I got film developed. I love shooting digital: the instant gratification is so satisfying, and it’s definitely a lot more convenient. But film has a color and beauty that I just can’t emulate digitally. I’m a millennial, so you’d think my life would be all digital, but I find that that expectation to be pretty rude, to say it simply. There’s nothing that says people of my generation can’t merge analog and digital: they’re two formats that can coexist so wonderfully.

But enough about my poetic waxing. I honestly can’t remember when I finished this roll–probably somewhere around March.

20640005Living in San Jose means an abundance of mountains. The one in the background with the little tower on it is Umunhum–I’ve been there too many times to count. The view is amazing.

20640011I wish I could remember where I took this. I keep wracking my brain but I get nothing. It was definitely out here in San Jose though.

20640025Oh, Taipei. If I didn’t consider San Jose my home, this would be it.

I’ll be uploading the rest of the roll on my flickr–so feel free to check that out!


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