aug 02 2013

324I did it. I finally cleaned my desk. It only took me a couple trillion years and a lot of “I don’t need this right now but I might need it later so I might as well just shove it into this drawer here”, but I did it.


This is where the magic happens. The nice big expanse of space is where I write or take pictures in the absence of good ol’ sunlight. I’m accompanied by my good pals, Velociraptor and Parasaurolophus over there. Once upon a time I made them sweaters out of old cloth book covers!

I keep a lot of stuff on my desk, mostly out of necessity. These are the things I use regularly, or things that have to be out or else my drawers will be overflowing. All of it is used pretty often, though. My daily use pens–which include fountain pens, markers, a craft knife, a letter opener, ballpoint pens, markers, and a pair of scissors) reside in an Anchorman mug. My brushes (really cheap Crayola things I picked up at Officemax; I cut off the handles to make it fit better) and dip pen handles find their home in a tiny bottle of umeshu.

I forgot to label my scale back there, but I use it to weigh up packages so I put on accurate postage. Since it’s in grams, I filled a little film canister with quarters that equal one ounce which is my base marker. After weighing I pop the numbers into an online calculator and I’m good to go!

After that it’s my Stationery Box. Almost everything fits in here: envelopes, unpackaged postcards, half-size paper sheets. Everything else (like inks, a set of kraft envelopes, boxed postcards, and smaller sticker sheets) goes into a drawer.

Out in front is my stamps, which I put in a small pencil case: two number stamps, one date stamp, and two stamps which were custom made. My erasers and whiteout are also there, because I use them pretty often and I need them within reach.

And finally a Finger Hockey set, which was gifted to me by my friend in Boston. I keep it out for destressing and also because it’s kind of cute to just put out.


Then you have the other side. I have my baggie of undeveloped film there because the local Costco that I’ve been developing at for the past year had a machine malfunction that couldn’t be fixed (four months ago!), so I’m out a developer. Drat!

The wax paper sheet up top really… shouldn’t be there. I bought a sketchbook at Barnes & Noble that I decided to use as a scrapbook/journal, but testing the paper led to some horrid feathering. I’d already decorated the front, so I had to take off all the stickers.

The purple box contains a couple important things: my stamp book (a Midori Kangaroo notebook, which is my lifeblood), my stamp pads, a corner rounder, my address book, a set of shark paper clips, a protractor, a Rhodia graph pad, and my film camera notebook which I use to record the photos I take.

Then there’s my change jar (it’s labeled Paradise Falls), my monolith figurine, and a jar of Mod Podge. In the yellow box are all my wires and nail polish, not to mention sticky notes, glue sticks, and binder clips. The “fresh pens” jar has everything that I bought doubles of, not to mention all my highlighters!

I have a lot of desk space thanks to the fact that my desks is really two desks attached to each other, but a lot of it is dedicated to storage. Crazy, huh?


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