review: zebra craft-star 1

318Scan10001Once upon a time, I looked upon all my stationery and I thought, “This is really lacking in the metallic department.”

A quick search on JetPens brought me to the Zebra Craft-Star 1 markers, which looked like a pretty good deal. I threw them in my shopping cart with a few other things to reach the $25 free shipping threshold. Living in close proximity to the JetPens warehouse brought it to my hands in a day: I love that!

The Zebra Craft-Star 1 markers came to me individually sealed in plastic. Using one of these is pretty simple despite the fact that it has special instructions for use. Once you get it in your hands, you’ll want to shake it vigorously. When you uncap it, you may see that no ink has flowed to the tip: that’s okay! You’ll want to press the tip against a piece of scrap paper until the ink starts flowing. An issue I found with my silver marker was that the ink was uneven and didn’t want to flow as well as in my gold marker; I found that by shaking some more (after capping the pen, of course!) fixed this problem.

[EDIT JUL 14 2013] I’m running into issues with the silver again. Ink flow is going down lighter and shaking doesn’t always help. I’m not sure if I got a dud or something. It’s not horrific but the transparency of the ink requires me to put down more layers of ink, which can be frustrating sometimes.

Writing with one of these markers feels more like a felt-tip pen than it does a marker; it may have to do with the tip, which seems like it’s made out of plastic. The ink dries surprisingly quickly. A few minutes is all it really needs. I haven’t tried “layering”, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you could get an embossed look by doing so. Putting a bit of pressure on the pen tip releases a little more ink, which makes it slightly raised. After prepping the markers correctly, the flow is very good and keeps up well.

I would heartily recommend these markers! I use them regularly on postcards–especially ones that are glossy–and I haven’t faced any issues yet.

Browse all 17 colors here. You can purchase the gold marker here, and the silver marker here.

I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by JetPens: just a happy customer!


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