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318Scan2I’m not really a fan of “writing markers”. For me, markers are for art projects and the like. So when I walked into Kinokuniya and saw the Marvy Le Pens, I thought: why would I ever want those? I was considering just walking past and checking out the notebooks when it caught my eye: teal. I love teal. I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to try it out, and since it was only $1.99 it wouldn’t be such a big deal if I didn’t like it.

Great news: I really, really like it.

The Marvy Le Pen is a skinny marker pen–approximately the same circumference as a pencil–with a point much like a Micron. Since they’re so thin, they’re easy to throw in a big and carry around–although this may come at the price of a smaller ink reservoir. I haven’t had these pens for long enough to figure that out!

24I would place it around 0.5mm in width, and it writes very smoothly. I haven’t seen bleedthrough on any papers, although like with most markers you’ll get slightly more showthrough than if you used, say, a ballpoint pen.

The great part about the Marvy Le Pen is that it comes in a whole bunch of different colors, especially those that aren’t necessarily run-of-the-mill. On the JetPens website, you can find all eighteen of the Le Pen colors, from Amethyst Purple to Teal Blue. I really like how the entire body of the pen matches the ink color. It makes it very easy to pick out the one you want if you store them cap down. I don’t, but in case that’s your jam you’ll be pleased to hear that, I think.

However, with the teal one I own, the tip seems a little scratchy, almost as if the entire pen point isn’t coming in direct contact with the paper. Upon closer examination, I found that the pen tip has been cut at a slight angle. This, however, is only an issue with one pen–the olive green ones that I purchased from JetPens the day before, as well as the second teal pen I purchased at Kinokuniya, are perfectly fine. It’s not actually a big deal either: I just rotate the pen a little and it’s back to writing smoothly again.

Finally, the Le Pens come at $1.15 a pop at JetPens, which sets you back a little less than $21 if you buy all 18 colors (I wouldn’t suggest buying the 10-pen set, since for some reason it’s 10 cents more than what you would pay if you bought 10 pens separately? Strange). That’s pretty darn good, if you ask me.

Browse all 18 colors here. You can purchase teal here, and olive green here.

I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by JetPens: just a happy customer!


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  1. Thanks. I’m looking to get Le Pens so your review was much appreciated! If you ever feel like investing in ballpoint or gel pens and would like to read a review first, you’re welcome to check out my post!

    I haven’t written about felt tip pens yet so this was an interesting read!

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