apr 29 2013

319IMG_2502My budget for the day was $20—which isn’t a lot, to be honest. But it was definitely enough to pick up some of these beauties.

On top, Rifle Paper Co.’s Gold Botanical Pattern and Los Angeles cards. These are really lovely. The paper is thick and smooth and the designs are printed on very nicely and sharply. The gold on the botanical pattern is clean with no jagged edges. The designs are clean and thought-out, especially the Los Angeles card. Many cards that feature places try to pack as many landmarks into the design as possible—on a small card, this doesn’t look too nice. But Rifle Paper Co. hits it out of the ballpark with their design—it features plenty of landmarks without going too overboard. I have a total soft spot for LA (especially Santa Monica) despite the fact that I’ve only been there for about three days maximum, so it was really nice to see such a pretty card done.

Below, Quill & Fox’s terrarium postcards. I loved these the second I saw them. The illustrations are beautifully done and printed very nicely. The tiny details, like the little specks of dirt and stone in the dirt, really bring these cards to life. I might have to keep them to myself…


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